Donate a Meal

Make a life-changing contribution today! 

A mere $63.35 can make a significant impact by providing a week’s worth of nutritious dinner meals to someone in need. 

When you donate through our website, rest assured that 100% of your contribution directly fuels our Financially Disadvantaged Fund.

Your support for Meals on Wheels Tasmania is a powerful investment in the nourishment, well-being, independence, and connection of fellow Australians facing challenging circumstances.

Not only are your donations making a tangible difference, but they are also tax-deductible. Consider the meaningful impact you can make with just a small contribution – whether it’s covering a week ($63.35), a month ($253), three months ($760), six months ($1,647), or an entire year ($3,294) of main meals. If you prefer, you can opt for a custom amount that suits your giving goals.