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Our Purpose

For almost 70 years, Meals on Wheels services in Tasmania have played a crucial role in supporting the health and wellbeing of thousands of older Australians every year across 25 service locations.

We support well-nourished, independent and connected communities through the delivery of a nutritious meal, social engagement and a wellbeing check by our dedicated volunteer workforce.

We deliver nutritious meals, conduct a wellbeing check and facilitate independence by keeping people connected within their communities.

How We Help

Our essential service plays an important role in early intervention and health prevention, allowing older Tasmanians to live in their homes where they are often happiest.

We do this through our dedicated delivery workforce who form meaningful connections with our customers, enabling them to age well and live independently while providing valuable peace-of-mind for their loved ones.

Latest News

Calling volunteers for Meals on Wheels

Meals and Wheels has been helping people in the region for nearly 30 years and the 15 current volunteers service a client base of between 80 and 90 people.

The Pulse spoke with one of the-Wynyard coordinators, Debra Cadwallender, about the vital work they do helping people with food security and nutrition.

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Newsletter March 2024 – Autumn Edition

Discover the vibrant tapestry of events and exciting developments at Meals on Wheels Tasmania! Delve into our newsletter to immerse yourself in the enriching journey from December to March, filled with heartwarming stories, community engagement, and impactful happenings.

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